Wedding Ceremony readings

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Whilst wedding ceremonies are primarily about the couple pledging their vows, it is always good to make sure your guests are totally engaged with the ceremony too.  I always say my job is to make people laugh a little, smile a lot and shed the odd tear of joy,  wedding ceremony readings help the ceremony to flow with celebrants

There are many ways to ensure that your guests feel they are an important part of your ceremony by involving them throughout with wedding ceremony readings.

wedding ceremony readings help the ceremony to flow

The readings can be anything for example; a piece of poetry, a few personal words from a friend or relative or can even take the form of a song!  But do remember that the readings should reflect who you are as a couple and must be something you are  both comfortable with.

In multicultural weddings it is a good thing to include both cultures and this can be through a reading done in a native language. wedding celebrant

I have accrued over the years, a huge library of wedding ceremony readings that I send to all of my couples when sending out ceremony examples. From Funny to serious and some that will get you reaching for your hanky wither with tears of joy or laughter!

A few words of advice from a seasoned celebrant


  • Don’t make the readings to long up too 3 minutes is perfect for both the reader and your guests


  • Don’t get readings  confused with evening speeches, readings are short, sweet and heartfelt. Evening speeches are the time to talk about the bride and grooms misdemeanour’s as youngsters


  • Always make sure that your celebrant knows exactly what is to be read.


  • Your celebrant will have the experience of knowing which readings are appropriate at which part of your ceremony so will incorporate them into the correct place when she is writing the wording.


  • A good celebrant will always speak to your readers prior to the ceremony starting to ensure they are comfortable with their words and are not feeling too nervous.


  • Your celebrant should always make sure they have a spare printed copy of each reading… just in case the reader forgets their precious piece of paper with the reading on it in the toilet!
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    Me doing a reading at my daughters wedding… I was really nervous!!!

If you have any questions or would like to see my library please do contact me at [email protected] or give me a call +34676333065 or find me on facebook at:  I am happy to chat there too.