vegan chef in Mallorca

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on Vegan weddings and that here in Mallorca we are really happy to be able to fully help with vegan weddings…. and have top quality cruelty free suppliers ready and raring to go.


A lovely woman contacted me from the  UK called Lynn Nicholson from Lynn is a passionate vegan chef and foodie!  So I asked Lynn to write a guest blog for me on vegan cooking and menu’s for events.  Lynn likes nothing better than to knock the “taste-buds” off of non vegans and notices that on many occasions the food she cooks is so very tasty the guests don’t even think to ask where the animal products are!

As a vegan chef, I am often faced with “I have non-vegans who do not eat vegan food, what do I do? ”Well firstly, everyone eats vegan food, the only difference is the protein on the plate, so my job as a chef is to create food that proves that vegan food is not beige and bland, it is beautiful, delicious and filling.

I do have, and it is the only time I will say this, the advantage of having been a meat eater in the past so, I know what people are expecting. The secret is in the taste and texture. People love the taste and texture of food, if a plain piece of steak was served to anyone, without any seasoning, they would send it back, so this is the first step in creating food that everyone will love. I take great pleasure in watching people clear plates, to the point where they look like they have been washed, to then see their faces as they discover it was all 100% vegan. My goal as a vegan chef is to dispel the myths associated with vegan food.

I also point out to my clients who want a vegan menu at their events to remember that this is their event. To be honest, anyone who kicks up a fuss about eating vegan food for one day, as a guest, really needs to learn some manners. I am quite sure that in a situation where the menu was based around any other situation, religion or allergies, people would respect and understand therefore any vegan event should be treated with the same attitude by non-vegans.

I work with clients to establish food that everyone will love. I want the wow factor every time. I want beauty in the presentation and I want the explosion of tastes. I want everyone to understand that vegan food is not based around tofu and mung beans, or pasta and insipid tomato sauce, it is about freshness, the best ingredients and of course, the ability to combine spices to match the food in a way that enhances the produce. I work with my sense of smell and taste. I have no interest in rules associated with certain herbs and spices, if it feels right I use it. I do not work within boundaries, I work with my senses every time.

As a vegan chef, there is simply nothing off the menu, it is back to taste and texture. The element of surprise when I see people eat smoked salmon and caviar canapes, their taste buds sending signals to their brain to question “is it vegan” means I have succeeded. When I watch someone fold up and eat their kebab wrap, the juices running down their chins, or bite down on a huge burger, I know they are completely unaware that it is 100% plant based.

My only disappointment is people who simply state “I do not eat vegan food” as if it is contagious. I actually, think they are afraid of liking it, so, when I am catering for my clients we do not make a big thing about it being vegan. The host knows, the vegans know, the rest, well, they just see beauty and dig right in and, every time, the plates are cleared by everyone proving that vegan food is more than just chips, salad and bread.

All food should be amazing, for me, cooking is love made visible, if I can bring love to the table, whatever your normal eating habits are, I have succeeded.

Lynn Nicholson  



What a Great Post… big thank you to Lynn and if anyone would like to contact her or indeed me please feel free to call/wassap/facetime me on +34 676333065 of drop me an email [email protected] or find me on facebook at:



Wedding Ring Vows

Wedding Ring Vows


Wedding Ring Vows
Holding your rings in your hands as you say your vows

Following on from last week’s post about Wedding rings and where to get them made in Mallorca! (Diego Nebot) I wanted to return to my original idea which was to write about the words you use to say your wedding ring vows….



Wedding ceremonies whilst individual to each and every couple do tend to follow are similar format (I have written about this in a previous blog “Your perfect wedding ceremony“) But after the introduction and homily maybe a reading from a guest, the ceremony tends to move on to the actual saying of your vows to each other, Generally it is nice to say your “I do’s” first and this is followed by the giving and receiving of wedding rings.

Wedding rings are worn as an outward illustration to the world that you are married… but to me they are far more than that.

They are a symbol of the love you share, they are a constant reminder that your marriage is a partnership, because although you may only wear one ring, each of the rings essentially belongs to you both. No matter how far apart you may be from each during your marriage, the wedding ring on your finger is a constant reminder that you said vows and made promises to each other on your wedding day…. And that your husband or wife will always have your back!  Over the years you will find that just a touch of your ring will give you strength or comfort when you need it and a smile when you remember the day you first said your vows and put the ring on your finger. It really is a continual reminder of the love you both share.



So, the vows you say to each other as you exchange your rings are equally as important as the  “I do’s”.

Here are a few examples;

“John, I give you this ring, that you may wear it, as a reminder of my love for you”

“Claire, I give you this ring, as a symbol of my love, affection and respect, now and always”

But one of my preferred ways is for you to hold your rings in your hands as you say your vows to each other at the same time….  It may sound rather strange, but it really gives you both the opportunity to concentrate on the precious rings you are holding and fully concentrate on each other without fumbling with rings!  There is another slightly less romantic reason that is purely logistical too…. that is;  it gives me the opportunity to move out of the way when the time comes for you to actually put your rings on.  So, you get some great photos without me smiling like a Cheshire cat in the back ground.


My Heart is in this ring,

My love is in this ring,

I promise you my unconditional love,                                                       

And give you my unwavering trust, 

When you look at this ring, 

Remember that I love you always,


Special thank you to Aimeekphotography for the beautiful photos

If you would like to talk to me about your wedding ceremony or your weding ring vows, Please do contact me Telephone/wassap/facetime +34676333065 , drop me an email [email protected] or you can even chat with me on facebook


Wedding Rings

Wedding rings


The earliest examples of wedding rings are seen in ancient Egypt dating back 6000 years and later also seen in ancient Roman and Greek culture.

The original Egyptian wedding rings were formed out of reeds or hemp and as the circle defines infinity so the ring defined perpetual love and fidelity. It is said that the ring was place on the 4th finger of the left hand as they believed that a vein in this hand leads directly to the heart… Interestingly in Chinese medicine the heart meridian also runs from the 4th finger to the heart! Two very different cultures separated by thousands of miles but with a similar spiritual meaning!

The western concept of the wedding ring first came into being with the ancient Romans and Greeks when originally the wedding ring was given as part of a dowry as it was generally forged from precious metals. Later it was associated with fidelity and was an outward demonstration to the world that you were married and therefore not available!

Up to this day the reason for giving and receiving wedding rings hasn’t really changed too much.  Rings are given and received as a symbol of perpetual love and fidelity.

stunning rings by DIego Nebot

Where do you get your rings?  Some rings are passed down through families as heirlooms, others are bought from specialist shops, others are made especially for the couple. Here in Mallorca we have a very talented jeweller Diego Nebot, who believes in the power of energy and that a couple can transfer all of their good energy and love  along with their hopes and dreams for future  happiness into their rings at the time of melting the metal.  The couple meet with him to decide exactly what their ideas are for their wedding ring and then make an appointment to go to his workshop and together melt the metal to be used in the ring…. It really is a very special moment.



If you are interested in contacting Diego about bespoke wedding rings please click on the link to his website and take a look at this video  you can see the happiness on the faces of Claire and James.

In my next blog I will talk about wedding ring vows…….  watch this space!

If you would like to chat to me about wedding rings or would like some ideas about how to say your wedding ring vows….   send me a message via or give me a call +34 676333065 or find me on FACEBOOK always happy to have a chat

Rainy day weddings

Rainy Day Weddings

This weekend has been has seen lots of rain here in Mallorca and we have all been keeping our fingers crossed that none of our couples have  rainy day weddings. As celebrants this can mean that our ceremonies gets moved to a plan B indoor option very quickly!  although we do always try to wait until the very last moment before making the final decision.   

The last two weekends has had me hooked to the weather report on my phone trying to establish exactly what time the predicted rain may hit… its always good to be prepared…. No good saying to the guests “welcome to sunny Mallorca” in the rain!

I have to say we have been extremely lucky!  and on both occasions we have managed the ceremony just before the rain hit!

There have been years that we weren’t quite so lucky and I have a vivid memory of  one particular couple a few years ago where the storm cloud crept up on us very suddenly and we all got absolutely drenched in a sudden downpour….As the groom said his vows there was an almighty clap of thunder and we were all soaked in seconds (When it rains in Mallorca it is torrential!.)… We decided to stop the ceremony at that point and continue inside…. Fortunately our hair and makeup artist hadn’t left so our bride had the chance to have her hair redone and makeup reapplied  and everyone else managed to dry off and we did ceremony take two!    As you read this you may think what a disaster… but actually we all have some fantastic memories and some amazing photos!   As we started ceremony take two everyone was laughing and suggesting how lucky our couple were to have two for the price of one!!

In Spanish culture it really is lucky to have rain on your wedding day and there are a few sayings one of which is  “novia mojada, dicha asegurada”. which means “a wet bride will have a blissful marriage”  There is also a tradition that to avoid a rainy wedding day either the bride or the bride’s mother has to take a dozen freshly laid eggs to the nuns of the Convent of Saint Clare. The nuns of the Order of Saint Claire (Clare. Chiara, Clara) are contemplatives who spend about eight hours a day in prayer. Many people feel that their prayer is particularly effective. Because the nuns were traditionally vegetarian and until the 1960’s they relied on gifts for their sustenance, people developed the habit of bringing a food gift when they asked a favour of the nuns. To make that special, they would bring eggs so the sisters could have an omelette and in return the nuns would pray for a dry wedding day!

So whilst we all hope for a beautiful sunny wedding day….especially during the months of May and September it can never be 100% guaranteed here in Mallorca…. just 99.9%!  which is pretty good odds!




My last words of positive wet wedding day wisdom….  Have you ever tried to untie a wet knot?  its almost impossible…




If you would like to know more about Getting Married in Mallorca or Ceremonies in Mallorca please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] or drop me a message on wassap +34676333065 or even call for a chat… you can also find me on facebook at happy to chat there too.


Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

ceremonies in mallorca

What makes your perfect wedding ceremony?

ceremonies in mallorca
I love to see such happiness… the perfect ceremony!

The answer to this is of course the both of you, The Bride and Groom…Add to that your family and friends who are all with you with love in their hearts, you are in the most beautiful and carefully chosen location for your wedding, you are looking fabulous and you are surrounded by flowers…. So all of that is already perfect!

But what helps to make that half an hour of your ceremony extra special?


My first question when I speak to couples is what would make Your dream ceremony.  Many times the answer is “hmmmmmm we don’t know” And so we begin to get to know each other. I love everything about weddings but actually taking time to get to know my couples before the big day is really important… How could I possible build your perfect wedding ceremony if I don’t know you! So amongst other things I will ask… how you got together? How long have you known each other? What makes your relationship tick? What makes you laugh together? Why Mallorca? Tell me about the journey that has brought us to today? And over the months (sometimes a year or more) leading up to your big day we will have got to know each other quite well.

ceremonies in mallorca
Part of Lauren’s perfect ceremony was to sing herself down the aisle… we all had tears in our eyes

Wedding ceremonies are a little like telling a story with a beginning, a middle and a happy ever after. The skill of a good celebrant is to tell YOUR story whilst reflecting you as a couple and making sure your guests are fully engaged and making sure that it is a magical half hour that everyone will remember for years to come.

There is a format that works especially well and I often use it as a skeleton when building your ceremony and it goes a little like this;

Look at the faces of the guests!

Guest Reading/Poem




The kiss


Guest Reading/poem



This format ensures that the words weave waves of emotions… We make your guests laugh a little, Smile a lot and shed the odd tear of joy,  there are moments of intense emotion such as the brides arrival and your vows and moments of lightness when maybe we describe how “The Question” was popped. For example; I recently did a wedding for a couple which was held in the same restaurant where the groom had popped the question exactly a year ago to the day! Then add an enhancement for the real “AWWWWWW” factor. And soon you are walking, skipping or dancing back down the aisle as Mr and Mrs

If you would like help from an experienced celebrant for your perfect wedding ceremony then please do contact me by phone +34676333065 we can skype or wassapp, drop me an email at [email protected] or we can chat on facebook

Thank you to Aimeekphotography for the wonderful photos

A Vegan wedding experience in Mallorca


Yesterday I had my first vegan wedding experience!  It was held at a fabulous Restaurant here in the north of the Island called Restaurant Bellaverde   (if you have never tried Vegan food please go and visit them for an incredible food experience)  I have been an on and off veggie for many years… and rarely eat meat or fish to this day for many reasons… firstly, I hate the cruelty involved in animal farming and the way we are raping our sea and secondly we actually do not need to eatthe quantity of animal products that are currently “sold” to us as essential for a healthy diet. However I have never personally ventured into being a full vegan. …all that aside.. I live and work at making beautiful wedding experiences in Mallorca.. and have some very tried and tested fabulous suppliers too.

I decided to contact them all to chat about vegan weddings and their understanding (and mine) of what was really involved in caring for vegan clients and giving them the best day possible whilst ensuring that their principles and values were given 100% consideration.

What I have discovered is that there are so many things to be thought of for a true Vegan experience… from the silk in wedding dresses to the special jewellery that couples choose to buy for their wedding through to the wine that may be included in the enhancements for one of my ceremonies.

So here are some of my tips:

Wedding dresses:

You have to be careful as many dresses include silk… however on the upside there are some fabulous alternative such as taffeta, chiffon, lace and sateen… just check the labels. House of Tammam has many animal friendly and stunning bridal dresses and even some hight street stores such as Coast and Monsoon 

Grooms Suits

We are lucky here in Mallorca as the weather in summer is hot, hot, hot! So not many people would choose a woollen suit but you still have to look out for silk or cashmere. The perfect suit for our climate here is of course linen and cotton… so our vegan grooms can not only look amazing but not swelter in the sun.  A little word on ties…. It is actually really easy to find a rayon or polyester equivalent to the silk tie… or since we are in Mallorca …. ties are really not needed!


I think most Vegans are usually quite accomplished at finding shoes made from man made products… but of course we always have to be aware of the glue! There are some great companies in UK who make beautiful shoes without the use of any animal products, check out Beyond Skin


I think mostly we need to be aware of pearls… pearls are made by inserting an irritant into the oyster which creates the natural pearl … there are so many oyster friendly alternatives… I even have a friend who makes Vegan watches for that special touch!.. take a look at their page at HurtigLane.

Hair and Makeup

We have a wonderful hair and make up artist here who is very sensitive to not only cruelty free products but also to eco friendly products that are of course good for your skin too! Check out Marta’s website Marta Lu La


This is probably the biggest issue of all, some of your guest may not be vegan or even have any understanding of your personal values… and in reality at your wedding you want to provide scrummy food that your guests will thoroughly enjoy and remember! You may not want to make a big deal of the vegan aspect of your wedding, but on the other hand there are so many ways that you can actually “wow” your guests with interesting and imaginative food choices… encouraging those who are accustomed to meat and two veg to think twice. Here in Mallorca we have some incredible personal caterer’s that are happy to work with you to find the best menu possible and maybe enlighten some of your meat eating guests by showing them just how amazing and versatile vegan food can be.




Wedding cake

We are lucky enough in Mallorca to have an incredible baker who builds miracle cakes in any shape or size that are also vegan…. If wedding cake is not really your thing… there are dessert bars that can be really fun or vegan cookies or cupcakes can look amazing too.





This is really my area of expertise and as a non vegan it wasn’t until I was asked to be the celebrant at a vegan wedding that I had stopped to think about it ….. what I can include? and how I should dress?  Even down to thinking about not using the leather binder that I normally hold my ceremony script in!  All it takes is a little sensitivity….. so for this wedding I did not wear leather shoes, I changed my binder to something far more animal friendly… the wine I used for my wine box enhancement was vegan friendly (we checked with the vineyard)

So in conclusion….

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life….

It is to be celebrated and enjoyed on every level not just for the two of you but also a day your guests will remember for a very long time to come…. As Vegans you can choose to just have parts of your day that your vegan guests will appreciate or you go the whole way and really celebrate your life choices and totally wow your guests with something a little different…. Whichever you choose we can happily provide that level of service here in Mallorca.

If you would like more information please give me a call on +34676333065  or drop me an email  [email protected] or I am even happy to chat on facebook

Wedding Ceremonies for friends

wedding celebrant in mallorca
celebrant mallorca
Wedding for My son in laws sister!

My very first wedding ceremony was for a friend… “Could you officiate at my wedding ceremony” she said.  I have a history of public speaking so that part certainly didn’t phase me… but standing up in front of quite a few of my personal friends and being given the responsibility of presenting a script for the happiest day of their lives did feel a little daunting.  However we worked on it and it was amazing!  both for me and for them. Because of this experience I decided this was where my passion lay and it completely changed my world and I have since presented hundreds of ceremonies here in Mallorca.




Recently I have  spoken to a few couples who are also thinking of having a friend present their wedding ceremony and asking me if I can give them some advice.  I jumped at the chance … I am up for helping to make every wedding perfect whether it be in the foreground or in the back ground just offering little nuggets of my experience.


So if you are thinking of going this route here are a few essential things that need to be included in your ceremony:



  1. An Introduction – Talk a little about love, Thank the guests for sharing the day. Talk about the couple, why are we all here? what brought them to this point, standing here today in front of all of the people they love?
  2. A reading. – Try to include some other guests by inviting them to say a poem or a few words.
  3. Wedding Vows
  4. Ring vows
  5. THE KISS – Very important moment!
  6. Maybe another reading
  7. Mr and Mrs – It is my great pleasure to introduce to you for the very first time… Mr and Mrs Smith
  8. And remember that a  wedding ceremony is a little like telling a story with a beginning, a middle and an end.


Although many of my clients actually feel like friends by the time they walk down the aisle as we will have spent sometimes up to a year planning the big day and it is always a huge responsibility, I am never nervous.  Officiating at a friends wedding, if I am honest, always gives me the biggest butterflies!


Yesterday in my in-box I had a lovely testimonial from a wedding I presented last month for a  good friend of mine… here is what she wrote:


wedding celebrant in mallorca
presenting the ceremony at my friends wedding

I have a confession to make, I already knew Annie when I ‘chose’ her, so I cheated a little – but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Like many brides, I had (and have) the intention of only getting married once so wanted it to be just perfect.  The venue, food, flowers, (groom!), all play a vital part, but the ceremony is really what everyone is there for – to see the dress for the first time, the exchanging of rings, the genuine outpouring of love, the laughter, the tears.  It’s a tricky balancing act, but I knew Annie had the experience and the enthusiasm to get it just right.  Together we drafted, edited, and edited again, until we had the perfect flow of words and emotion.  With the Med shimmering in the background and all our friends and family around us it really was a special moment I know I will, and could, never forget  Sarah, 15 July 2017, H10 Punta Negra


If you would like any help or advice regarding your ceremony then please feel free to contact me by phone/wassap  +34676333065 by email [email protected] or we can chat via facebook too

Wedding Ceremony readings

celebrant mallorca

Whilst wedding ceremonies are primarily about the couple pledging their vows, it is always good to make sure your guests are totally engaged with the ceremony too.  I always say my job is to make people laugh a little, smile a lot and shed the odd tear of joy,  wedding ceremony readings help the ceremony to flow with celebrants

There are many ways to ensure that your guests feel they are an important part of your ceremony by involving them throughout with wedding ceremony readings.

wedding ceremony readings help the ceremony to flow

The readings can be anything for example; a piece of poetry, a few personal words from a friend or relative or can even take the form of a song!  But do remember that the readings should reflect who you are as a couple and must be something you are  both comfortable with.

In multicultural weddings it is a good thing to include both cultures and this can be through a reading done in a native language. wedding celebrant

I have accrued over the years, a huge library of wedding ceremony readings that I send to all of my couples when sending out ceremony examples. From Funny to serious and some that will get you reaching for your hanky wither with tears of joy or laughter!

A few words of advice from a seasoned celebrant


  • Don’t make the readings to long up too 3 minutes is perfect for both the reader and your guests


  • Don’t get readings  confused with evening speeches, readings are short, sweet and heartfelt. Evening speeches are the time to talk about the bride and grooms misdemeanour’s as youngsters


  • Always make sure that your celebrant knows exactly what is to be read.


  • Your celebrant will have the experience of knowing which readings are appropriate at which part of your ceremony so will incorporate them into the correct place when she is writing the wording.


  • A good celebrant will always speak to your readers prior to the ceremony starting to ensure they are comfortable with their words and are not feeling too nervous.


  • Your celebrant should always make sure they have a spare printed copy of each reading… just in case the reader forgets their precious piece of paper with the reading on it in the toilet!
  • celebrant mallorca
    Me doing a reading at my daughters wedding… I was really nervous!!!

If you have any questions or would like to see my library please do contact me at [email protected] or give me a call +34676333065 or find me on facebook at:  I am happy to chat there too.

Three weddings and a naming Ceremony!

ceremonies in majorca

This week has seen me do three weddings and a Naming ceremony!  What a great week…

Wedding number one was at the Maricel Hotel, The guests looked stunning and the bride and groom like a Prince and Princess. This lovely group of Liverpudlians were lively and with  “the kiss” in true Liverpudlian style they all started singing ” congratulations and jubilations etc.etc.,”  I loved it and even joined in, I was tempted to say “Calm down, Calm down” in true Harry Enfield in “The Scousers” style  The ceremony went by in a flash and the couple left to yet another guest rendition of “Me and Mrs Jones” Well they were actually Mr and Mrs Jones!ceremonies in majorca

My next ceremony was a lovely couple I have been working with for over two years. Unfortunately they had had to cancel their big day last year, but having met them several times in that two years i really felt like i knew them well.  Finally the wedding day arrived. The couple rented a beautiful boutique hotel, Son Julia In Llucmajor for  four days for their entire group of family and friends.  The ceremony went by beautifully, filled  with a little laughter,  lots of smiles and a few tears… I even welled up myself as the bride walked down the aisle and I am a seasoned celebrant!  I just knew how important this day was to them. When I popped in to see the bride just before the ceremony , she asked me to be sure to tell her husband-to-be that she loved him… ahhhhhhhhhh.   As always I sneaked out after the ceremony and left everyone with great big smiles and glasses of cava or course!

ceremonies in majorca

This brings me to today, writing this sat aboard a Ryanair flight to Barcelona to complete the week with a wedding and a naming ceremony in Girona… More about that next time….

If you would like to talk to Annie about your wedding day please drop an email to [email protected] or pick up the phone +34676333065

A Multicultural ceremony

multicultural ceremony

www.ceremoniesinmallorca.comI was really looking forward to Alex and Anna’s ceremony… Alex is English and Anna German, they both live in Germany… Since it was a multicultural ceremony I had suggested that maybe a part of the ceremony could be in German, and part in English but since I don’t speak any German apart from to ask someone to “wait a minute please”… This could prove a challenge… However I am the kind of person who never sees  problems only solutions! And my immediate thought was since I cannot speak German there will be guests who can . So I asked Anna and Alex to find me a guest or two who would like to read a German poem. I also suggested that Anna said her vows in English and Alex his in German, as a sign of respect to the other’s culture.

The wedding day arrived and it was on a brilliant warm day in October  at the hotel “El Marques de la pasada”.  This beautiful hotel is high up in the Mountains in Esporlas. This hotel has the most beautiful chapel and since the day was very hot this is a perfect place for the ceremony as it is wonderfully cool inside.

Alex was slightly nervous as he waited with me at the alter (although he said compared to his job this is not stressful at all… he is an air traffic controller!) most grooms nerves disappear the minute they see there stunning wife to be and Alex was no exception, as soon as Anna appeared at the top of the aisle I saw Alex’s nerves dissolve in to a mammoth smile as I almost always do (although sometimes there are tears of happiness too)

The ceremony went by in a flash… the readers read beautifully (although I have no idea what they said) Alex and Anna read their vows without a hitch, the guests smiled and laughed and I even noticed a happy tear or two. And before long I was introducing them as Mr and Mrs and watching them almost skip back down the aisle together.

A few weeks later I received this in my email box:

Alex and Anna Burchall October 2015 La Posada del Marques
My wife and I had our wedding on Saturday, 1. October and Annie conducted a beautiful and memorable ceremony. Asking Annie to be our celebrant was an easy decision to make after we talked with her over Skype, sharing ideas about what sort of ceremony we would like. She put us completely at ease, and even took the time to meet up with us in Mallorca in April to talk about the ceremony, vows and other housekeeping subjects. Anna and I are both very happy we had Annie to start our married life. It had a great feel and everyone was at ease. Every guest thought it was perfect. We couldn’t have imagined a better ceremony and owe Annie a huge thanks!