Saying I Do

Probably the most important moment in your wedding ceremony is Saying I do,  It is also the moment that couples feel most nervous about.

“Will I stumble over my words?ceremonies in mallorca
“Will I cry?”
“What if I am struck dumb?”
“I will feel so silly!”

These are real questions and real fears…. Asked to me time and time again.

My answer is very often the same,  you may well do one of the above you may do all!  But it doesn’t matter. Your wedding day will be special no matter what, you and your guests will remember the little things that are not “Perfect” because it is the little things that make it your special day and make it absolutely perfect.

I have a few lovely anecdotes that explain exactly what I mean.

Last Year I did a beautiful informal wedding ceremony in a lovely private villa in Arta. The couple had ceremonies in Mallorcaa small son aged 2, and the idea was for him to bring the rings… they were tied to his waist coat. His big moment arrived and …… he took off running around the garden,  trying to catch a two year old may sound easy but trust me there were 20 adults running around after him… it was such fun. Was it as we planned? No way, but it will be a memory that will be passed down through the years … his parents will probably tell the story at his wedding!

Another lovely couple who married at Hilton Sa Torre in Llucmajor It has a fabulous Iconic chapel a really beautiful wedding venue. The couple decided they would say their own vows to each other… not repeat after me! It is beautiful when couples are able to do this as no-one can say their emotions like them. However it is also a very emotional thing to do and tears are often shed. At this particular wedding The bride said her vows with just a little break in her voice…. The groom however got absolutely caught out by the emotion of the moment and although he said his beautiful words tears were streaming down his cheeks and snot from his nose!!! Good job I always have tissues at hand… and his wife, she couldn’t stop laughing! I know those two will have the happiest marriage, after it all they both laughed so hard together. Another special memory made!

I have so many moments that are so special,  mum and dad having to hold their children while they say their vows. One little girl sitting eating a bag of crisps at my feet….Each and every one a memory!

If you would like to know more about wedding ceremonies or find out more about saying I Do in Mallorca or would like to speak to Annie about your vows please send an email to [email protected] or just give me a call +34676333065

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