A Vegan wedding experience in Mallorca

Yesterday I had my first vegan wedding experience!  It was held at a fabulous Restaurant here in the north of the Island called Restaurant Bellaverde   (if you have never tried Vegan food please go and visit them for an incredible food experience)  I have been an on and off veggie for many years… and rarely eat meat or fish to this day for many reasons… firstly, I hate the cruelty involved in animal farming and the way we are raping our sea and secondly we actually do not need to eatthe quantity of animal products that are currently “sold” to us as essential for a healthy diet. However I have never personally ventured into being a full vegan. …all that aside.. I live and work at making beautiful wedding experiences in Mallorca.. and have some very tried and tested fabulous suppliers too.

I decided to contact them all to chat about vegan weddings and their understanding (and mine) of what was really involved in caring for vegan clients and giving them the best day possible whilst ensuring that their principles and values were given 100% consideration.

What I have discovered is that there are so many things to be thought of for a true Vegan experience… from the silk in wedding dresses to the special jewellery that couples choose to buy for their wedding through to the wine that may be included in the enhancements for one of my ceremonies.

So here are some of my tips:

Wedding dresses:

You have to be careful as many dresses include silk… however on the upside there are some fabulous alternative such as taffeta, chiffon, lace and sateen… just check the labels. House of Tammam has many animal friendly and stunning bridal dresses and even some hight street stores such as Coast and Monsoon 

Grooms Suits

We are lucky here in Mallorca as the weather in summer is hot, hot, hot! So not many people would choose a woollen suit but you still have to look out for silk or cashmere. The perfect suit for our climate here is of course linen and cotton… so our vegan grooms can not only look amazing but not swelter in the sun.  A little word on ties…. It is actually really easy to find a rayon or polyester equivalent to the silk tie… or since we are in Mallorca …. ties are really not needed!


I think most Vegans are usually quite accomplished at finding shoes made from man made products… but of course we always have to be aware of the glue! There are some great companies in UK who make beautiful shoes without the use of any animal products, check out Beyond Skin


I think mostly we need to be aware of pearls… pearls are made by inserting an irritant into the oyster which creates the natural pearl … there are so many oyster friendly alternatives… I even have a friend who makes Vegan watches for that special touch!.. take a look at their page at HurtigLane.

Hair and Makeup

We have a wonderful hair and make up artist here who is very sensitive to not only cruelty free products but also to eco friendly products that are of course good for your skin too! Check out Marta’s website Marta Lu La


This is probably the biggest issue of all, some of your guest may not be vegan or even have any understanding of your personal values… and in reality at your wedding you want to provide scrummy food that your guests will thoroughly enjoy and remember! You may not want to make a big deal of the vegan aspect of your wedding, but on the other hand there are so many ways that you can actually “wow” your guests with interesting and imaginative food choices… encouraging those who are accustomed to meat and two veg to think twice. Here in Mallorca we have some incredible personal caterer’s that are happy to work with you to find the best menu possible and maybe enlighten some of your meat eating guests by showing them just how amazing and versatile vegan food can be.




Wedding cake

We are lucky enough in Mallorca to have an incredible baker who builds miracle cakes in any shape or size that are also vegan…. If wedding cake is not really your thing… there are dessert bars that can be really fun or vegan cookies or cupcakes can look amazing too.





This is really my area of expertise and as a non vegan it wasn’t until I was asked to be the celebrant at a vegan wedding that I had stopped to think about it ….. what I can include? and how I should dress?  Even down to thinking about not using the leather binder that I normally hold my ceremony script in!  All it takes is a little sensitivity….. so for this wedding I did not wear leather shoes, I changed my binder to something far more animal friendly… the wine I used for my wine box enhancement was vegan friendly (we checked with the vineyard)

So in conclusion….

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life….

It is to be celebrated and enjoyed on every level not just for the two of you but also a day your guests will remember for a very long time to come…. As Vegans you can choose to just have parts of your day that your vegan guests will appreciate or you go the whole way and really celebrate your life choices and totally wow your guests with something a little different…. Whichever you choose we can happily provide that level of service here in Mallorca.

If you would like more information please give me a call on +34676333065  or drop me an email  [email protected]emoniesinmallorca.com or I am even happy to chat on facebook   https://www.facebook.com/weddingsinmallorca/

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