Wedding ceremonies and enhancements

Wedding ceremonies and enhancements.  Ceremonies don’t have to be totally solemn… Yes of course there are moments that are serious… pledging a vow to love and care for someone for the rest of your life is definitely something to be taken very seriously.

But there are moments during a ceremony that need to have the “ahhhhhhhh” factor (I always say that my job is to make people laugh a little,  cry a little and smile a lot…. Our enhancements are one of the “smile a lot” moments.)

An enhancement usually comes close to the end of the ceremony and can include absolutely anything you like but here are a few examples

Something that is specifically cultural to your region or country…

A Spanish tradition called Las Arras … Arras in Spanish means earnest wealth and las arras are 13 coins. The exchange of the coins represent the groom’s promise to provide for his family and the bride’s trust in his ability to do so. Maybe a little old fashioned these days but the wording can be such that the giving of the coins are to ensure that together the couple will always trust each other to care for and provide for their family.

Something that honours the mothers of the bride and groom…

Giving of flowers : The Groom hands a white rose to the Brides mother and vice versa. As a sign of their love for their families, they offer the roses to their mothers, as symbols of their love, and to thank them for their wisdom, support, and for their love that has been so freely given to them throughout their lives.

Something that includes all of the family and friends…

Wishing pebbles:  As the guests are seated they each find a small pebble on their seat, I collect the pebbles from a fabulous beach here in Mallorca called Sa Colabra and each stone has a White ring around it. The Celts believed that a wish given over stone had more strength and endurance than any other. The guests are invited hold this one stone tightly and and dream of the strength and happiness the couple will share together in the coming years. The stones are placed in a beautiful box and kept in the couples home.

Wine Box:  I bring with me a bottle of wine from a local vinyard called Ribas in a small village close to where I live in Consell…. The grapes are almost grown in my back garden! and if you haven’t tried Mallorquian wine you really must, it is absolutely fantastic. The wine is stored in a beautiful box and also has two wine glasses and a corkscrew inside When I am building the couples wedding ceremony I ask them to each write a letter to the other (a love letter I hope) and on the day they give the letters to the best man or any other member of their gusts who will bring them to me at the appointed time in the ceremony.

I explain that wine could be seen to be like a relationship. It is grown with love and care, it is nurtured until it is the perfect blend… and it only gets better with the passing years!  We put the letters in the box…. And the couple are asked to hammer the box closed! The reason being as we all know.. there is that time when after a hard day you need a glass of wine and that bottle has now been in that box waiting to be drunk for the last 6 months!  But …. we would like them to open that bottle on their 10th wedding anniversary… open the box, open the wine, pour each other a glass of delicious Mallorquian sunshine and read the letters they wrote to each other on their wedding day…. The BEST anniversary present ever.

If you would like to know more about including enhancements in your wedding ceremony please contact Annie by phone  on +34676333065 or email [email protected]


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