Wedding ceremonies and photography

wedding ceremonies and photography
too caught up in the moment and didn’t move!

Wedding ceremonies and photography is a more important  topic than many people realise because along with the memories we will make on this special day the photos taking during your wedding ceremony mean you always have those memories in your album or even on your wall!

During my first meetings with my clients I think they are always surprised that I mention it… but here is why and one of the photographs I have added explains it all….

There are several key moments during your ceremony…. The bride coming down the aisle, saying your vows, the rings, signing your certificate, the kiss and finally Mr and Mrs!! During some of these moments it is fine to have your celebrant in the photos and I am delighted to be there, but there are moments when your celebrant should definitely be in the background.

wedding ceremonies and photography
It looks like I am doing a post ceremony yoga pose! I was clapping!

When you are giving and receiving your rings… I always make sure I am to the side and out of shot. But really importantly for the kiss! You will always find me talking to you from the side and not directly in front of you… I will often ask couples to kiss twice or three times and say “do it again for the photographer”! Everyone generally chuckles but I actually mean it! It is so important I am not directly in shot and that the photographer captures this precious moment.

A good celebrant will always ask who your photographer is and will generally say hello to them on the day. I always ask him or her if they have any special shots they want to capture that I may inhibit… In fact many of the photographers here in Mallorca know me well and will gently (or not so) push me out of the way  if  I  am carried away in the moment! I always encourage this because as much as you may love my ceremony you may not want me on your wall forever!

The Photo of me smiling in between such a tender moment was actually loved by this particular couple who celebrated their wedding at Can Cuarassa in Pollensa even though it was a mistake, they had it as their facebook profile picture for quite a while…. And I must admit it makes me smile again every time I see it…. Clearly I was very caught up in the moment!


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