A Multicultural ceremony

www.ceremoniesinmallorca.comI was really looking forward to Alex and Anna’s ceremony… Alex is English and Anna German, they both live in Germany… Since it was a multicultural ceremony I had suggested that maybe a part of the ceremony could be in German, and part in English but since I don’t speak any German apart from to ask someone to “wait a minute please”… This could prove a challenge… However I am the kind of person who never sees  problems only solutions! And my immediate thought was since I cannot speak German there will be guests who can . So I asked Anna and Alex to find me a guest or two who would like to read a German poem. I also suggested that Anna said her vows in English and Alex his in German, as a sign of respect to the other’s culture.

The wedding day arrived and it was on a brilliant warm day in October  at the hotel “El Marques de la pasada”.  This beautiful hotel is high up in the Mountains in Esporlas. This hotel has the most beautiful chapel and since the day was very hot this is a perfect place for the ceremony as it is wonderfully cool inside.

Alex was slightly nervous as he waited with me at the alter (although he said compared to his job this is not stressful at all… he is an air traffic controller!) most grooms nerves disappear the minute they see there stunning wife to be and Alex was no exception, as soon as Anna appeared at the top of the aisle I saw Alex’s nerves dissolve in to a mammoth smile as I almost always do (although sometimes there are tears of happiness too)

The ceremony went by in a flash… the readers read beautifully (although I have no idea what they said) Alex and Anna read their vows without a hitch, the guests smiled and laughed and I even noticed a happy tear or two. And before long I was introducing them as Mr and Mrs and watching them almost skip back down the aisle together.

A few weeks later I received this in my email box:

Alex and Anna Burchall October 2015 La Posada del Marques
My wife and I had our wedding on Saturday, 1. October and Annie conducted a beautiful and memorable ceremony. Asking Annie to be our celebrant was an easy decision to make after we talked with her over Skype, sharing ideas about what sort of ceremony we would like. She put us completely at ease, and even took the time to meet up with us in Mallorca in April to talk about the ceremony, vows and other housekeeping subjects. Anna and I are both very happy we had Annie to start our married life. It had a great feel and everyone was at ease. Every guest thought it was perfect. We couldn’t have imagined a better ceremony and owe Annie a huge thanks!

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